Site Guide- How to Get Order

Tips on how to use this website

How to find a product?

Make use of search box

Here you need to enter the name of the medicine or you can also enter its active ingredient and enter. If the medicine is available it will show you the result.

You need to be certain to what is the product, its active ingredients or with the brand. It is because at times you do not get the availability and this can be due to the wrong name entered.

If you are unable to get the medicine then the medicine is not in stock. Also, you can send us the email at admin@GeneriMediKal along with the product name.

We can make it as fast as we can take up things. If medicine is not available with us then we can arrange as well. We have made our contact with many suppliers who can help us to get the medicine.

b) By Using Category

Different products are listed under their relevant categories. When you reach the category section you can find a complete list of the medicine on the right side.

You can visit each product and details by clicking on the respective medicine.

Besides this, there are category and subcategory options as well. Different products are categorized under a different sections.

Like there are men’s categories on separate sides.

On the right hand side of the page you can find the entire category of the medicines.

Along with the images all products will be listed for your convenience.

Also by clicking on the product image you can get all details along with the ordering page.

How can I place an order?

Follow the below mentioned steps.

When you want to find relevant medicine you need to go to search box. You can either search by the product name, active ingredients or even the brand.

Besides this, if you want more ease then there are separate category sections. You can take assistance from that as well.

Once you choose the product then you click add to cart button. Now your ordered medicine will be added to the cart.

Once you have decided on the product and added it to the cart then proceed to the checkout step.

Also before proceeding to the payment you must be registered with us.

After you have added the details then click on the confirm button. Once you have finished your order, then to make sure it is confirmed a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

Your order has reached to us will be informed you by sending a mail to your address. Later we take prime concern in delivering your order as soon as possible.

 If you do not get your mail then in your primary section then do look into the junk or spam folder. If it happens then please add admin@GeneriMediKal to secure the sender list or the white list.

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