Vega 100 mg(Sildenafil Citrate)

  • Brand:

    Vega 100 mg

  • Generic:

    Sildenafil Citrate

  • Indication:

    Erectile Dysfunction

  • Manufacturer:

    HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd

  • Packaging:

    4 Tablets in strip

  • Strength:

    100 MG

Vega 100 mg(Sildenafil Citrate) - 100MG

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What is Vega 100 mg?

Vega 100 is a prescribed medicine that is approved by FDA and hence it has made a way in millions of men life.

Men with erectile dysfunction, have the way to make themselves out of weak erections. If you have developed a weak erection due to physical or physiological causes then you do have away.

If you are wondering how then, it is when you buy vega 100 online your intercourse can be much better.

The active component called component is sildenafil citrate.Therefore when you want to enhance your sexual course then you can make away with an oral dose.

ED has risen and it is because of the unhealthy lifestyle which men follow. In turn, there is no maintenance of proper blood flow and hence penis does not get hard erections.

If you are experiencing weak erections, or feeling low, unable to take up your sexual life then you must consider buying Vega 100. Also, there will be no difficulty in the purchase of Vega as it is easily available online.

Vega 100 mg Manufacturer

The wonder drug which has made or we can save millions of men life then it is with Vega 100.

Now behind these wonder drugs, it is mankind pharma Ltd they are the manufacturer.

They made an advancement where men can live their life easily. It was seen that there were lot many disturbances in the relationship due to weak erecting power.

However, this is the case where there were a lot many troubles.

Spouses were not able to maintain their lives easily and hence there was a need to discover something valuable and beneficial.

Therefore the rise of Vega 100 which contain Sildenafil citrate as an active component came out to be.

The medicine was able to ensure men with hard and longer erecting power and hence there will be no stress.

What Is The Use Of Vega 100?

Vega 100 upon taking with all instructions and care will help men out to be from their weak state.

The use of the medicine will come out when you have to boost your sexual life.

When you are in a mood to make your night worth it or you want some excitement then the medicine is the safer one.

You can purchase the dose Online where you can get lot many strengths.

Hence you will be able to take the result upon your body needs.

You do not have to worried about it as the medicine has come up with proven results.

The intake of medicine will come out with hard erections. It will be done when you will take the medicine and it will enter your body.

Later it reaches the penis where the erections occur.

How to Work Vega 100 on Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you want to know how Vega 100 works? When you have a clear picture in your mind then you will be able to take a lot of commands.

The intake of Vega for erectile dysfunction will help the onset of hard and strong erections.

Now in this case, when your body will get hold on with the medicine then the onset of erections will takes place.

Vega 100 belongs to the PDE-5inhibotor and helps in the maintenance of blood flow.

If you are in the USA or from India you can attain the medicine easily. As there are a lot of comforts which has been made with the help of online pharmacy.

In this way, you will be able to take hold of the best phase of your sexual life.

How and when to take it

How should I take it and when to take the medicine. This is one of the most frequently asked questions which comes up with.

But Vega 100 is only meant for men at the time of ED. If you are low at the time of your sexual course then take the medicine.

Now when you have planned or planning then take the dose just 30 minutes you are going for inter course.



Do not drink too much alcohol as it is very dangerous with the intake of ED medicine. The intake of alcohol will hit the positive impact of Vega 100 and hence you will be at a great loss.


In the case of pregnant women, there is no need to take the medicine. As the dose is only for men and not for womenMen will have a greater tendency to hold on the hard erections.


Women are not meant for the intake of Vega 100. This can be a very dangerous condition even if taken. Therefore if you have the dose at your place then keep it where no one apart from you can reach.


Do you want to drive after the intake of Vega 100? If you are thinking it so then it is not the one state you need to go with. There can be some mild to major side effects which can hit you.


Often men with kidney or liver diseases can suffer from various and negative impacts. Therefore you must hold on to the best cure after consultation with a doctor.


 What I can do if I have overdosed on the medicine? There are a lot many men who go with the overdosing state. If you are the one then you must immediately call to doctor to know what is best for you.

Missed Dose:

If you will miss the dose then it will be difficult for you to hold on to hard erections. Therefore do not try to do this. As there is your loss and you will not be able to get the benefit.

Side Effects Of Vega 100



Pain in erection


Upset stomach



Blurred vision

Body pain


Key facts about Vega 100

The major key fact about the medicine is that it has benefits to men with hard erections. Therefore when you have come up with weak erections then it is the medicine with which you can take your sexual life ahead.

There are lot many online pharmacies from where you can get the medicine for sale.

How to Buy Vega with Credit Card

Do you want to experience the benefits of Vega 100? If yes then you can get the medicine at the best price and easily.

You can explore online pharmacies and select the one for you. However, we only get to stick to one and the trusted one.

Therefore online you can search for the one best for you.

Where to Buy Vega 100 Online?

As we said there are a lot many online pharmacies which you can go with. But here you need to find one of the trusted pharmacies you can go with.

Hence you must make your choice safely so that you can get the best of all medicines.

When not to use Vega 100 mg?

If you are suffering from any sort of health condition whether it is mental or physiological. Makes sure that you do not go with medicine with the help of a specialist.

As if you go with any of such conditions then you will suffer.


is it safe vega 100?

Yes, Vega 100 is very safe and effective. It has helped many men and made them secure their lives against weak erections.

does vega 100 make you last longer?

Yes, with the help of Vega 100 as a man you will hold the capacity to make their relationship last. It helps to give erections for about 4-6 hours.


If you will forget to take the medicine then you can take the dose as per your course duration. Also, you can skip the dose for the day if it is not necessary.