what is the safest Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

What is the ED?

  • Erectile dysfunction is a condition that rises among men. The condition is known as impotence and where men cannot obtain hard erections.
  • This is the condition that has surrounded millions of men due to many reasons.
  • This means the condition is not uncommon.
  • One of those is a poor lifestyle and various health issues.
  • It is the sign of weak erections where men are unable to complete the sexual course. Therefore it is necessary to cure the condition to live a healthy sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction symptoms

The different erectile dysfunction witnessed among men are-

  • Men here lack interest in sex.
  • Often becomes weak or unable to retain erections for long.
  • Tends to remain detached from the sexual relationship.
  • All of these signs indicate that men are unable to cope with the hard erections at the time of bed. Here the best of all treatment is in the form of medicines and medical treatment.
  • All you need is to determine which one is best suited for you.

Hence here you need to reach a doctor to know which is best. After determining your entire condition you can easily cure weak erections.

How do Erections work?

It is important to know how erections work, as you should be aware of all the mechanisms.

It is the time of sensual arousal when the nerves release the chemicals.

In the other case, blood flows into two chambers. Those are chambers in the penis.

They are made up of spongy tissues. Here tissues relaxes and turns out to be hard erecting power.

Once done the blood pressure in the chamber makes the penis firm and hence erections happen.

Different ED Cause

Physical –

Different physical causes can make you suffer for long, some of those are-

  • High level of cholesterol
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Clogged vessels of blood.
  • Use of tobacco
  • Certain sleep disorder
  • Undergoing surgeries.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

There are different states in triggering the mind, perhaps there is several things that can trigger sexual course.

If you are in stress, depression

Different mental health conditions.

Relationship problems, lack of communication.


Once you have determined the causes of ED within you, now the next step is to know what is the cure.

After determining your entire medical condition, they will guide you to the best of all treatment.

But they will connect with you before suggesting you the right treatment.

Determining health condition

The specialist will ask you regarding your heart condition, further, you can be asked to undergo certain lab tests.

Question about your lifestyle and sexual life

You can be asked about your different lifestyle.

Question about your stress or depression. What is the condition of your respective state?

Are you taking any sort of drugs to recover your state?

Physical examination

Examining your genitals. Besides this based upon your age and genetic history, you can be asked to undergo a rectal exam.

Do not worry these tests are not painful and they tell the doctor the exact condition of ED.

In this way, it becomes easier for men to get controlled by ED.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction Medicine

The best and the first-line treatment that is known for ED is oral medicines. best online store Genericzilla.

The oral dose belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors and they convert weak erections into hard. This means they allow the proper flow of blood to the penis

Take one dose 30 minutes going for the sexual course and take advantage.

Talk therapy

It becomes necessary at times to talk and discuss your concerns. If you tend to remain silent then it can kill you and your state badly.

Talk to your partner or specialist to seek the right guidance and treatment of ED.

Vacuum pumps

The condition makes use of a vacuum to stimulate the erections. With the help of this device, blood draws to the penis.

This in turn leads to erections.

The method contains a plastic tube, vacuum and elastic.

Erectile dysfunction natural treatment

Herbs and supplements

Various herbs and supplements do contain the power to provide hard erections. This means you can also direct yourself towards a natural cure.

As some men do not wish to go for medical treatment hence natural cures are meant for those.


Acupuncture is considered the Chinese method for ED. Here needles are inserted into the skin (towards acupoints).

It allows nerve stimulations and in turn strong erections.


There are some oil and creams that are available for ED. Take the lotion/cream and massage to the area of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction exercises

One of the widely known exercises for erectile dysfunction is the Kegels exercise. Perhaps you can also consider performing some aerobic exercise or you can also try yoga.

Erectile dysfunction foods

Food that is high in protein, vitamins, rich in calories should be consumed. They all make your body to be healthy and rich.

As poor health is one of the main reasons to come in contact with ED.

Different impotence tests

One is Ultrasound- where penis area is determined to figure out the exact condition.

Urine test- to determine whether you are in contact with diabetes.

Injection- happen where a medicine is injected directly to the penis.

Nocturnal penile tumescence test– this is the battery-powered device treatment. The device can easily store your data to be monitored later by your doctor easily.

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

If you have a high level of diabetes or are in the first state then you can be at risk of ED. As it is one of the underlying causes that can hit you hard.

Risk factors

Different risk factors walk along from person to person. This means it depends upon your age. Hence you should always consider the treatment that is meant for you.

To ensure this, you need to consult with your concerned specialist.


Try to take the medicine as it is recommended to you, else you could fall to some of the side effects. Hence do not take the medicine an excessive dose.


Conditions like heart problem, trouble in liver and kidney, asthma or even diabetes. Do not take medicine in any of these states.

The medicine is strictly meant for men and hence women and children’s keep it out of reach.

Do not consume the dose with medicine containing nitrates.

Stop consuming drinks and smoking.

ED have various ways to cure weak erections and hence choose the right one for you. Ensure to consult with the doctor at first and get the right cure.

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